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Privacy Policy

At Sevgili Evim we deeply respect the privacy of our visitors and subscribers, and are fully committed to protecting the privacy of our customers on our web-site.

This web-site uses every electronic and procedural safeguard to protect our users' information. Sensitive credit card information is sent via a secure connection using industry-standard SSL encryption that protects data transmissions. (see details in FAQ)
Your Personal Information

Information is collected at the web site
The collected information is sole property of
The Sevgili Evim can share your information with third parties only if the information is required to evaluate, execute the order.
We collect Name, Last name, Gender and e-mail address. We request address information only for shipping purpose.
The Sevgili Evim guarantees not to share private information knowingly with third parties, other than explained in the 3rd item and legal court requires so to do.
The can use, share and announce aggregate information such as click rate, numbers, statistics, demographics and not limited to such list.
The  protects private information from third parties and its employees who are not authorized to access.
The customers or those who registered private information can request to change, to modify or to delete such information through written e-mail through our customer service.
Information may only be shared to another company if only this company becomes a part of an acquisition of  but in any case would remain protected as described above.
Credit Cards information is not retained, not saved by Such information is retained by banks and it is in the authority and responsibility of such financial institutions to protect such information
By accessing the  web-site, by registering our account, by creating a wish list, the user is considered accepting our Terms & Conditions and giving consent to these terms and policies.
Use of Cookies
It is Sevgili Evim’s policy to use first-party cookies (small text files that Sevgili Evim stores locally on your computer) on client sites for one or more of the following purposes: to help identify visitors; assess usage patterns and perform traffic analysis; identify preferences; diagnose problems with our servers; analyze trends; and otherwise administer Sevgili Evim products and services. Cookies placed by Sevgili Evim on the computers of visitors to its clients' websites do not include Personally Identifiable Information such as name, phone number, e-mail address or mailing address, nor does Sevgili Evim link cookies to such Personally Identifiable Information in its servers or databases.
If you do not wish to have Sevgili Evim place and use cookies on your computer, you should set your browser preferences to refuse all cookies, including first-party cookies, before accessing Sevgili Evim or other websites that may use Sevgili Evim. Sevgili Evim is not responsible for any failure by you or your browser to accurately implement or communicate your browser preferences or settings. Please note that if you set your browser to reject cookies, some features of the websites you visit may be unavailable. In addition, please be aware that even if you configure your browser settings to reject all cookies, your activity on Sevgili Evim client websites will still be recorded by the Service. However, if you reject all cookies, Sevgili Evim will not be able to determine whether or not someone using that computer previously visited the website – i.e. whether or not the visitor is a "unique" visitor.
For more information on how to reject cookies, see your browser's instructions on changing your cookie settings. If you do not elect to set your browser preferences to refuse cookies, you consent to have cookies, including first-party cookies used by Sevgili Evim, placed on your computer when you visit websites.
How Sevgili Evim Collects Visitor Information
Sevgili Evim clients use customized and proprietary JavaScript tracking code provided by Sevgili Evim to collect and transmit Visitor Information to Sevgili Evim's servers. When a user visits a website that uses Sevgili Evim's Service, this code contacts Sevgili Evim's servers and enables Sevgili Evim to collect and analyze the user's activity while visiting our client's website. This information is then stored on Sevgili Evim's web servers and databases for use in performing analysis and producing reports for the Sevgili Evim client.
Opting Out
 If you wish to opt out of Sevgili Evim collecting Visitor Information when you visit Sevgili Evim client websites, please see the Sevgili Evim Opt-out instructions. Please note that if you use a different computer or Internet browser than you used when opting out of Sevgili Evim's Service, Sevgili Evim will not be able to view the opt-out and will collect Visitor Information when you visit Sevgili Evim client websites. In these circumstances, you will need to revisit the link above in order to reset your opt-out decision, in order for it to be effective.
Modifying Your Account Information

You can edit your Account Information at any time. New product launches may be sent from time to time. Users can opt out of receiving future product launches from us at any time or you can unsubscribe from our mailing list at any time you want. Pls contact with our customer service via
As soon as we receive your request, process will begin. It may take 7 business days. This is definitely at your discretion, it can be withdrawn at any time you want. But we may ask for demographic informations such as age, zip code or income level for surveys and/or contests.
If we intend to share your contact information with our partners, we  would only do so with your approval.

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